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glucosamine dog

Glucosamine for Dogs
by J.R. Rogers

Approximately 25-30% of family pets suffer from osteoarthritis. Stiffness, pain and swelling they experience is really no different than what you as a human being would. Although there are some differences that go to the cause of the disease, that is really not the important issue here. This issue is one of addressing it.

Dogs Can't Discuss their Pain

You have to be especially vigilant with your pets. Unlike humans, most of their OA develops almost immediately after trauma to their bodies. In other words, the onset can and is often within weeks of even a minor injury as opposed to years for a human.

Glucosamine For Dogs

A typical response (if diagnosed) by a veterinarian is to prescribe NSAIDS (aspirin, aleve, motrin, etc.) for pain. In the more severe cases, steroids or even surgery may be suggested. The first approach is absolutely wrong and often causes undesirable side effects even though your pet may experience some pain relief. The latter approach borders on even more dangerous consequences.

Glucosamine combined with other ingredients like chondroitin, boswellin, and omega 3 will ease your pet's OA pain within a matter of about ten days. In extremely severe cases, it might take thirty days. Results will only be seen in this time period, however, if you use high-quality liquid glucosamine and not powdered, or pill glucosamine. You will be able to see the results in the way in which your pet is behaving.

Of equal importance, the glucosamine and other ingredients will go to work immediately to not only slow the progression of the OA, it will actually begin the process of restoring healthy and resilient cartilage to your animal. What should be of some importance to all of you is that this can be accomplished at a minimal cost and without the inconvenience of repeated visits to your vet.

How Much Glucosamine Does My Dog Need?

This depends on the weight of your dog. Follow the chart below

Weight of Dog or Cat (lbs.)
Recommended Daily Dosage
of Glucosamine
106 mg.
313 mg.
625 mg.
100 and up
1250 mg

How to Administer Glucosamine to Dogs

If the glucosamine you are giving your dog is in liquid form (recommended), it should be quite a bit easier than getting your dog to swallow capsules or pills. With liquid formulas like Syn-flex for pets you administer the glucosamine either by mixing it in with their water, with their food, or by administering orally with a dropper.

Our recommendation for easing arthritis pain and hip dysplasia in dogs and cats, is a liquid glucosamine formula called Syn-flex. More information on Syn-flex can be found here.

For reviews on the leading glucosamine products for pets, read our Consumers Guide to Glucosamine Products for Pets.

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