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arthritis in dogs

Welcome to the Arthritis in Dogs Resource Center. Here you will find articles on all aspects of canine arthritis including risk factors, signs, diagnosis, treatment, and diet. Don't forget to visit our Dog Arthritis Message Boards or to subscribe to The Pet Arthritis Chronicle.

The Consumers Guide to Glucosamine Products for Dogs
A comprehensive review of all the leading glucosamine products for fighting arthritis and hip dysplasia in dogs. Including Syn-flex, Vet-Flex, Arthrix, and Cosequin.

Arthritis in Dogs
A review of treatments for arthritis in dogs, mainstream and alternative. Including NSAIDs, Rimadyl, Glucosamine, Exercise Plans, Weight Reduction, Massage, Acupunture, Hydrotherapy, and Magents

The Types of Arthritis in Dogs
From osteoarthritis to hip displaysia to hypertrophism to carpi: A listing of the most common forms of arthritis in dogs.

How Glucosamine Eases Arthritis Pain in Dogs
Information on how glucosamine actually works for easing arthritis pain in dogs, the science backing glucosamine, and how to select the best glucosamine product for dogs.

Canine Hip Dysplasia
Hip Dysplasia is a very common disease among large dogs. What is hip dysplasia? What are the signs? What are the treatments?

Tips for Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) in Dogs
Most dogs develop Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD), also known as arthritis,
as they age. Although there are no miracle cures, much can be done to make these pets more comfortable and improve their lives.

Natural Arthritis Relief for Dogs
No one likes to see an animal suffer from arthritis. Read this article to learn about a natural treatment for any dog or cat suffering from arthritis.

The Pet Arthritis Chronicle
Subscribe to our monthly email newsletter covering all topics about arthritis in pets. Also read archives.

Arthritis in Dogs and Glucosamine Sulfate
An article by guest Doctor of Veterinariany Medicine T.J. Dunn on the treatment of arthritis in dogs and the usage of glucosamine.

Glucosamine for Dogs
Information on treating arthritis and hip dysplasia in dogs with glucosamine

Nutrition's Role in Treating Arthritis in Dogs
Arthrtis in dogs can be helped by proper nutrition. Read this article to learn about proper nutrition for dogs who suffer from arthritis.

Most Dog's Do Well on Rimadyl, Except the Ones That Die

Article from the Wall Street Journal on the side effects of Rimadyl, a popular treatment for arthritis in dogs.

Rimadyl: Potentially Fatal Side Effects
How to know if your dog has had a reaction to Rimadyl (caprofen), arthritis treatment for dogs, and what you can do about it.

Stories from Rimadyl Users
A collection of stories from pet owners whose dog has died after using Rimadyl

Natural Arthritis Relief for Pets
What you need to know about arthritis in dogs, the treatment options, and nutritional support.

Recommended Books on Easing Arthritis Pain in Dogs
View our listings of our reccommended books for anyone whose pet suffers from arthritis or hip dysplasia

Is Glucosamine Effective for Arthritis in Dogs?
30% of dogs have arthritis. Learn how glucosamine can be used to ease your dog's arthritis pain.

Obesity & Arthritis in Dogs
Just as extra weight can hasten the progress of arthritis in humans, a little pudge on your dog or cat could increase their chances for arthritis or make it worse.

Feeding Options for Dogs with Arthritis
What kinds of pet foods are best for dogs and cats with arthritis? And what about Raw food?

Information on Tellington Touch
Learn more about
a method for enhancing the physical, mental and emotional well-being of your companion animal based on cooperation and respect.

Arthritis in Dogs: How to tell and what you can do about it
The signs of arthritis in dogs and the effective treatments.

Arthritis in Dogs
An overview of the common methods of easing arthritis pain in pets, and a discussion on side effects of these treatments.

Dog Arthritis Resources
A directory of informative sites on arthritis in dogs, dog health, dog care, and more.

Dog Arthritis Message Boards

Talk to others whose dog's have arthritis, learn more about arthritis in dogs, and make friends.

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