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The Truth Behind Prescription Pet Drugs


The Truth Behind Prescription Pet Drugs

Pets are very talented at hiding their arthritis symptoms.  As a pet parent, we think we have failed them in some way, by not noticing the tell-tale signs. The difficulty in recognizing the signs is prevalent among cat and dog owners.  So, when you do notice that they seem in pain, have an altered gait, or they aren’t doing the things they once loved, you know something is wrong.  Once the vet diagnoses your pet with arthritis, you may feel at a loss for the next step.  What is the best treatment plan? What drugs are dangerous? Do you need a second opinion?

            Your veterinarian will likely prescribe NSAID’s (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).  Many veterinarians suggest anti-inflammatory drugs because they are effective.  What they may not tell you, and you may not know to ask, is that these drugs have a history of causing adverse side effects.  In the article, “The Risks of Prescription Medicines in Dog Arthritis,” veterinarian Christopher Durin stresses that NSAID’s are over-prescribed and can lead to complications.  Dr. Durin explains that pet parents should be aware of the risks associated with these drugs and to speak to the veterinarian about alternative, natural, therapies.  The publication reveals the link between the elevated use of NSAID’s and the reported cases of toxicity and organ damage.  Long term use of NSAID’s can expose dogs to serious health problems, such as stomach upset, stomach bleeding, breathing issues, and an array of other complications, even those that involve the heart. 

            Veterinarian’s and pet parents are moving towards a more holistic approach.  Liquid Glucosamine has become a first course of action in the fight against arthritis.  Liquid Glucosamine can help to ease the pain and suffering in your pet naturally.  It can help to rejuvenate damaged cartilage, while promoting new cartilage growth.  It helps to stimulate the cushioning in the joints.  Your pet may seem years younger after just a couple of weeks on a high quality liquid formula. Your pet is counting on you to uphold his/her quality of life.  

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