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Keeping your Dog Healthy


Keeping your Dog Healthy

Manís best friend is another way we describe our beloved dogs. Most people have had their dog(s) for many years and just donít see life without them. Thatís why keeping your dog as healthy and active as possible is extremely important. Dogs age much faster than humans do. Depending on the breed/size of your dog, he could very well start showing signs of aging, even around the young age of 6. The most common signs of aging are: gray around the muzzle and eyes, much slower while getting up, sleeping more often, and even weight gain. Weight gain can come from lack of exercise. Lack of exercise may not be yours or your pupís fault. When dogs age, they become less active. This may come from joint issues or even a form of arthritis. Being overweight can put your dog at a higher risk of developing arthritis. Many older pets will experience joint issues, with the common symptoms being inflammation, tenderness, trouble getting up, and constantly licking the affected area.†

Seeing your pet go through these difficult times can be heartbreaking. †Just know that youíre not alone and there are things you can do to help. Many people do not seek treatment until their pet is showing severe symptoms. It is very important to know that prevention leads to protection. This means diet and exercise are very important throughout your dogís entire life. However, this does not completely protect your pet from arthritis and joint problems. Did you know that just like the human body, dogís bodies produce Glucosamine? Glucosamine is produced to protect and cushion the joints. It also protects cartilage. As we age, and our pets age, Glucosamine production slows quite dramatically. This may lead to joint and cartilage damage. There are many people that are starting to put their pets on an all-natural liquid Glucosamine supplement. By doing this, they are promoting joint and cartilage protection and growth. To learn more about how a liquid Glucosamine supplement could change your best friend life, visit

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