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Common Types of Feline Arthritis


Common Types of Feline Arthritis

Felines suffering from arthritis may show signs of stiffness, lethargy, a decrease in activity and flexibility. You may also notice some swelling around the affected areas. Many ask, what is the major cause of arthritis in cats? Well as part of the aging process, feline’s joints will naturally degenerate. Here are the two most common types of feline arthritis:

  • Osteoarthritis- is a common joint disorder. Dislocations or fractures may cause osteoarthritis. The shoulder and elbow bones of older cats are most affected by this disorder. Osteoarthritis can cause pain and inflammation in the cat’s joints.
  • Treatment for feline OA: Managing your cat’s weight is extremely important, Excessive weight can put strain on your cat’s joints. Many people have started using a liquid Glucosamine supplement. Liquid Glucosamine has been known to possibly help aid in the repair of damaged cartilage, and is also designed for joint protection and growth. For more information on liquid Glucosamine please visit
  • Traumatic Arthritis- is also a very common form of arthritis that affects cats. Traumatic arthritis can be caused by “different accidents and sprains.” These type of accidents can be from a cat fight, an awkward fall, or if the cat was struck by a vehicle. After a traumatic injury you may notice changes in your cat’s behavior. Such as a decrease in energy, limping, stiffness around the affected joint, or licking the area of injury excessively.
  • Treatment for feline TA would basically be the same as the treatment for OA. Be sure to watch your pets weight and keep them on a controlled diet.  Exercise may also be beneficial (get them going with their favorite toy). Liquid Glucosamine may also improve your cats mobility. Speak with your cat’s veterinarian about an all natural liquid Glucosamine supplement.

Many people are determined to find a more natural approach to help relieve their pet’s pain. Read these testimonials and see how liquid Glucosamine has improved the lives of many suffering pets!

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