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Cats and Arthritis


Cats and Arthritis

Yes, cats get arthritis too.  Cats may be better than dogs and even people, at hiding their arthritis symptoms, but they do suffer from the debilitating condition.  Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in our feline friends.  The degenerative joint disease is characterized by the wearing away, or deterioration, of the cartilage.  When the articular surface is compromised, it creates a web of symptoms.  The most common symptoms include an altered gait, stiffness when rising after a period of rest, reluctance to jump, change in eating patterns, personality changes, and obvious signs of pain when walking or being touched.  If you notice any of these warning signs, you should consult with your trusted veterinarian.

Veterinarians have seen an increase of Osteoarthritis in cats, which commonly directly relates to the weight of the cat.  In fact, 57% of cats are overweight.  Obesity of animals, like people, is on the rise.  You may feel like your pet can feel your love for them when you give them treats or table food.  Although you may be happily spoiling your pet, you may also slowly be taking years off their life.  One pound of extra weight on your cat is equivalent to you gaining an extra fifteen pounds.  You may also want to check the label on the food you are giving them, as many foods contain unhealthy fillers.   You should ask your vet what the healthy weight of your cat is.  You can also tell if your cat is overweight if you cannot visibly see a waist line, or if their belly swing when they walk. 

It is hard to see your beloved pet suffer, especially since they can’t tell you where it hurts, or how much it hurts.  A safe and effective Glucosamine supplement can help aid in the management of their arthritis symptoms.  Glucosamine can help to relieve stiffness by stimulating synovial fluid.  It also helps to rebuild damaged cartilage.  Another easy way to help your cat is to manage their weight with exercise.  You may want to try new games such as chasing a laser point light, having them hunt out their meals each day, have them play a game of chase with you, or playing with interactive toys. 
To read more about arthritis in cats, and how to relieve the symptom, please visit

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