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Cat Arthritis - They get it too


Cats Get Arthritis Too!

Many of us associate arthritis with humans, and perhaps dogs - but cats get arthritis too. In fact, Professor Bennett at the University of Glasgow in Scotland has found that as many as 30% of cats over the age of eight may be suffering from arthritis. The two most common forms of feline arthritis are traumatic arthritis and osteoarthritis. Traumatic arthritis may be a result of sudden injury to a joint and can be caused from an awkward fall or from something more disturbing, like a roadside accident.

The second form of arthritis that may affect Fluffy is Osteoarthritis. This may occur because of obesity, or from the wear and tear on the joints throughout your cat’s life. You should be aware of the symptoms of arthritis as it relates to Fluffy, so you can take action as soon as possible if need be.

Fluffy’s symptoms are usually more difficult to spot than in dogs or humans. Cats do not tend to vocalize their pain through whining. You will need to look for lifestyle changes instead of more obvious signs. You may notice that Fluffy is not as active as usual or is sleeping more often. Personality changes often occur, such as irritability or nervousness. Your cat may also lick the same area repeatedly. Because we often do not recognize the symptoms until the disease has progressed, you may already be witnessing the more obvious signs, such as a stiff gait, limping, or even the appearance of swollen joints.

You need to stay proactive in your pet’s health. Be aware of the symptoms that affect your furry friend and seek medical attention if you suspect that your cat is experiencing any of the signs of arthritis. The earlier arthritis is diagnosed, assessed, and treated, the happier your cat will be.

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