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Acupuncture For Your Pet


Arthritis in pets, Acupuncture Can it help?

Veterinary Acupuncture has become increasingly popular for dogs and cats suffering from arthritis.  Acupuncture has several forms, but the most common method for your pet is the traditional Chinese Acupuncture method, in which tiny needles are inserted just below the skin.  Some individuals are skeptical of this holistic approach, but they should be aware that acupuncture is recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association as a safe and cost-effective approach.  They state that, “…these techniques should be regarded as surgical and/or medical procedures under state veterinary practice acts.” Acupuncture could very well help your pet avoid surgery or the use of long-term pain medication.  Acupuncture may alleviate arthritis pain, as well as improve muscle strength and flexibility.

Acupuncture in cats, and dogs, is virtually painless.  The tiny needles for your cat are usually a half an inch in length, and are about as thin as one of its whiskers.  The acupuncture needles for your dog are a little longer, depending on the size or breed, and are as long as one and a half inches in length.  Your pet will likely need to attend three to six sessions, spaced at least a week apart.  The cost of acupuncture treatment is usually between $60 and $100 per session.  This cost is still significantly less than surgical procedures.  The session usually takes less than thirty minutes.  Normally, your pet will not need any sedation, but if he or she is extremely anxious the veterinarian may use a light sedation to prevent stress. 

Acupuncture enables the nervous system of your pet to react to pain.  Their body subconsciously releases natural painkillers to the targeted areas after treatments.  Your dog or cat may seem tired or sluggish in the 24 hours following the procedures, or may even appear in a worsened state.  This is normal.  Your four-legged friend is receiving messages to its brain.  It may be message overload for a short time while receiving these healing directions.  They may also seem a little achy.  These are usually the only symptoms your pet will experience.  Your veterinarian may want to add a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement to your pet’s healthcare plan, such as Synflex®.  If their body isn’t producing its own glucosamine naturally, the combination of acupuncture and the supplement may be vital to its health and healing.

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