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Arthritis: Lifestyle Changes to Aid Aging Pets

As we grow older, we usually accept that we will have to make changes in our lifestyle to accommodate the changes of our body. We accept that we will likely need to make changes to our diet and our exercise programs, and that we will be visiting the doctorís office a little more regularly. The same is true for our four-legged counterparts. Our pets require a bit more attention as they start to step into their golden years.

Most pet-parents take their furry friends to the veterinarianís office once a year or biannually for vaccinations such as rabies, distemper, and bordettela. However, as pets start aging it is important to request a full check-up screening. Along with normal vaccinations, pets should be tested for ailments that they may already have, as well as conditions that are suspected to impede on their health. Many conditions are extremely difficult to spot by a physical examination, and may require further testing. Most vet offices today have modern, high-tech devices, closely related to those used in human medical centers; tests that include the CAT scan and the MRI. Cats and dogs tend to age quite like humans, but at an accelerated rate. This technology helps accurately diagnose any conditions or ailments that may be harmful to your petís health, as well as to provide enough detail that a vet can provide the best preventative course of action possible. These tests can help to diagnose conditions such as arthritis, and potentially fatal diseases such as heart disease and kidney failure.

When animals get older, they tend to get more lax. It is a very good idea to keep them active. Even moderate exercise, such as a daily walk, can keep their joints fluid, their blood flowing, and their bodily systems on track. Obesity in family pets has become a pandemic, and it is closely related to their lifespan. Sometimes chubby, or fluffy, animals seem cute. They are not, and it is not. It is not cute to shave years off an animalís life by inadequate exercise and large portion sizes. With the ideal body size, you should be able to feel the ribs of the animal through its coat and you should be able to visually see a waist. If you need help determining the right calorie intake for you pet, or the best portion size, talk to your vet. As a general rule, dry food has less fat and calories than wet food, so it is good to limit the wet food if possible.

Keep the living conditions for your pet as cozy as possible. All pets should have access to food and clean drinking water. They should always have access to a dry, clean environment, one that is covered from the elements. Or, they should be indoors, which is preferred by most pet lovers. If possible, indoor living offers them a place where they can thrive. Conditions such as severe heat or blistering cold can actually harm your pets in more ways than one. The elements can create additional stress to their bodies, with extended exposure causing great risks.

Always spay and neuter your pets. Not only will this help with unwanted pregnancies, but also from various diseases, infections, and cancers. It is recommended that you have your pet spayed or neutered within six months of age, but it is never too late. Even adult animals can reap the benefits of the procedure.

Teeth cleaning is very important. Dental neglect can cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream, which can travel to the heart, brain, etc. It is very dangerous and life threatening. It is avoidable through annual cleanings and at home dental care products. Unpleasant breathe is an indicator that something is going on.

Lastly, you may want to look into products that will enhance your petís health, such as glucosamine. A quality liquid Glucosamine product, such as Synflexģ, can aid your petís joints to keep them moving as long as possible. We all love our pets and want to see them enjoying life even in their golden years.

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