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Arthritis Cats and Dogs Blog:

Osteoarthritis in Cats and the Warning Signs

Not only are pet parents aging, but our cats are aging as well. With medical breakthroughs happening every day, our furry friends are living longer than ever before. Cats are living past their projected life expectancies, and therefore are subjected to age-related illnesses.

Does Your Pet Exhibit Osteoarthritis Symptoms?

Arthritis does not discriminate. Not only do we develop arthritis, but our family pets do too. Dogs suffer from arthritis, with 1 in 5 dogs developing Osteoarthritis during their life. The symptoms of Osteoarthritis in dogs, is very similar to those we experience. It is the most common ailment of chronic pain in pets that veterinarians strive to control daily.

Your Pets Arthritis Risk

It can be very difficult, and even heartbreaking, to see our pets age. This is something that is unfortunately inevitable. Arthritis is one of the most common diseases that can affect at least 1 in 5 adult dogs.

Arthritis and Your Dog

Think your dog may have arthritis? Itís not as uncommon as you may think. Arthritis can affect dogs of all sizes. Arthritis can even form from an old injury or sprain. Arthritis affects one in every five adult dogs in the US and is one of the most common sources of chronic pain that veterinarianís treat.

Keeping your Dog Healthy

Manís best friend is another way we describe our beloved dogs. Most people have had their dog(s) for many years and just donít see life without them. Thatís why keeping your dog as healthy and active as possible is extremely important.

Glucosamine in Pet Food

Pets are an integral part of our family. They provide us with unconditional love, and in return, we provide quality care for their needs. As pets age, they become susceptible to joint related illnesses.

The Aging of Your Dog and the Need for Glucosamine

Just like aging in humans is inevitable, dogs age too, however, they age much faster than us. As you can see around the 6th year, the size of the dog and the age will start to differ. This is because larger dogs are known to age faster.

Arthritis in Labradors

Is your beloved Lab aging? The first sign of aging you may notice is the hair around their nose, mouth and eyes will start to turn gray. The average life span of a Labrador is 10-12 years, so you may start noticing other issues, besides the graying, beginning around the age of 7 or 8.

Cats and Arthritis

Yes, cats get arthritis too. Cats may be better than dogs and even people, at hiding their arthritis symptoms, but they do suffer from the debilitating condition. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in our feline friends.

Glucosamine Supplements for Pets

If you are one of many pet owners who cannot stand to see their aging or injured pet in pain from joint problems, then you have probably done some research on liquid Glucosamine supplements. Liquid Glucosamine supplements hit the market sometime in the 90ís and have taken off and improved since then.

Truth Behind Prescription Pet Drugs

Pets are very talented at hiding their arthritis symptoms. As a pet parent, we think we have failed them in some way, by not noticing the tell-tale signs. The difficulty in recognizing the signs is prevalent among cat and dog owners.

Arthritis in your Pet

As our pets age, there is a growing fear that arthritis may be slowing them down and possibly taking away that pep in their step.

Glucosamine for Pets

If you are a pet owner, then you will inevitably see the complications that may arise as your pet ages. Whether, your pet is a cat or a dog, it is bound to experience some sort of joint issue or arthritis problem.

Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease in Cats

As many cat owners know, it is difficult to recognize the warning signs of Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) in cats, until the condition has progressed and the signs have become evident.†

Types of Canine Arthritis

Did you know that canine arthritis is not limited to older dogs? In fact it is very common for dogs of all ages to be diagnosed with some form of arthritis, whether it is from an old or recent injury or even genetic. Certain diseases and infections can also raise the chances of arthritis. Here are just a few types of common canine arthritis conditions.

Determining the Health of Your Senior Cat

Cats are living longer now than ever before due to advances in pet medicine and nutrition. Like their human counterparts, aging is inevitable.

Arthritis and Your Pets

Not sure if youíre beloved pet may be suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia? Here are some key signs that you should never ignore... Read on

Veterinariansí Recommendation of Glucosamine Use for Pets is on the Rise

Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been used in the management of osteoarthritis and joint conditions for many years, but until recently veterinariansí have been slow to recommend it for our furry friends. Approximately 25-30% of family pets suffer from osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia.

Common Types of Feline Arthritis

Felines suffering from arthritis may show signs of stiffness, lethargy, a decrease in activity and flexibility. You may also notice some swelling around the affected areas. Many ask, what is the major cause of arthritis in cats?

Hip Dysplasia: Cats are Affected Too!

When you think of hip dysplasia in pets, you normally think of dogs, right? Until recently, even veterinarians and researchers didnít know that cats were suffering from the debilitating disease.

Glucosamine is Beneficial in the Joint Health of All Dogs

Glucosamine is a natural substance that is found in the body of humans and animals. Glucosamine is found in the joints and connective tissues, as well as the synovial fluid surrounding the joints.

Arthritis Checklist for Pets

In order to correctly diagnose your pet, you may want to keep a close eye on his/her symptoms and behavior as well as taking a trip to your vet for x-rays. Some of these warning signs include

Supplements to Fight Arthritis in Pets

As a pet owner, you do not want to see your cat or dog suffer from a debilitating disease. Osteoarthritis is very common, affecting 1 in 5 pets. Osteoarthritis can diminish the value of your petís life, as it can cause severe pain and inflammation.

Does your Dog have Arthritis?

We all know that dogs canít talk, but we still manage to sense when something may be wrong with our best friend. Here are some important warning signs to keep an eye out for.

What to Expect as our Dogs Age

Everyone knows the old saying, ďone human year is equal to seven dog years.Ē The truth is that this is actually an easy way to relate to your dogs age, although larger breed dogs show signs of aging much sooner than toy breeds.

Arthritis and Aging Pets

As we grow older, we usually accept that we will have to make changes in our lifestyle, to accommodate the changes of our body. We accept that we will likely need to make changes to our diet and our exercise programs, and that we will be visiting the doctorís office a little more regularly

Good Health Habits For Your Pets May Benefit You As Well

In our busy lifestyles, we are lucky to have time to eat healthy and exercise regularly ourselves, so it is not surprising that our pets are lacking a good diet and exercise plan.†As Americans are increasingly putting on the pounds, so are our pets.†

Is Arthritis Pain Causing Depression in Your Pet?

If your dog or cat suffers from Arthritis, they may also be suffering with depression. Often times, we attribute depression as a sign of the debilitating disease itself.

Laxity in Hip Joint is Identified as Risk Factor For Canine Arthritis

You have probably heard of Canine Hip Dysplasia, and perhaps your dog even suffers from the debilitating disease.

Progressive Polyarthritis and Calicivirus

As our cats get older, we know that they will likely have to fight some sort of illness in their geriatric years.†Many older cats develop a form of Osteoarthritis that can develop from the normal wear and tear they put their bodies through throughout their lives.

Pet food and arthritis

Most of us feed our petsí processed pet food, whether it is from a bag or from a can. In fact 95% of pet owners in the United States rely on pet food manufactures to safely and properly provide our pets with their daily nutritional needs.

Senior Dog and Arthritis

For all of us, growing old is inevitable and even if we try to slow down the aging process, we tend to notice the new grey hair that has sprouted up, the fine lines that will end in wrinkles, and perhaps a little bit more of a struggle getting up off the coach.

Mimiced Arthritis Symptoms In Your Dog?

Lyme disease may mimic arthritis, and can even result in arthritis, if it is left untreated in your dog. Lyme disease is caused by ticks that have been infected with the Borrelia Burgdorferi bacterium. The name ďLymeĒ actually comes from the first diagnosed case in a human in the U.S. in Lyme, Conneticut in 1975.

Luxating Patella

A Luxating Patella is a common abnormality of the knee joint that may cause your dog to develop arthritis if left untreated. A Luxating Patella, or Patellar Luxation, is a condition that involves the dislocation of the knee cap, where it rotates to either the inside or the outside of the leg.

Pet Arthritis and Acupuncture

Veterinary Acupuncture has become increasingly popular for dogs and cats suffering from arthritis. Acupuncture has several forms, but the most common method for your pet is the traditional Chinese Acupuncture method, in which tiny needles are inserted just below the skin.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin againgst Hip Dysplasia

Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been shown in studies to be a recommended approach to assist in the fight against canine hip dysplasia. Many veterinarians advise pet owners to try a nutraceutical plan, such as glucosamine and chondroitin, before they move on to the more potentially dangerous (and overly prescribed) pharmaceutical drugs.

Arthritis in pets and Acupuncture

Veterinary Acupuncture has become increasingly popular for dogs and cats suffering from arthritis. Acupuncture has several forms, but the most common method for your pet is the traditional Chinese Acupuncture method, in which tiny needles are inserted just below the skin. Some individuals are skeptical of this holistic approach, but they should be aware that acupuncture is recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association as a safe and cost-effective approach.

Hydrotherapy Drowns Arthritis Pain In Your Dog

Hydrotherapy has become a common practice for people suffering from arthritis, however in recent years, veterinarians and trained professionals have been practicing this procedure on animals. Hydrotherapy was first introduced into the animal world to rehabilitate race horses and greyhound dogs.

Cat arthritis

Research has show that as many as 30% of cats over the age of eight may be suffering from arthritis. The two most common forms of feline arthritis are traumatic arthritis and osteoarthritis.This may occur because of obesity, or from the wear and tear on the joints throughout your cat`s life.

Arthritis and Big Dogs

Read about the most common mistake that dog owners make and how to minimize joint pain in dog with arthritis.


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