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Hurricane Katrina
08/12/10  JR Rogers

It is ironic that in the last issue I mentioned that "storm season" is with us again. Of course, no one could have known that the Southern United States would be devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

I think it is safe to say that some of you were prepared and had made some accommodations for your pets. However, given the fury of this storm, it is also likely that many of you were not prepared. I am not sure that anyone could have prepared for a disaster the scope of this one.

It is not often that I break stride from the subject of pet arthritis. However, when there is a tragedy as great as this one I think it is appropriate to do so.


As our regular readers know, Synflex America, Inc. will be making donations from our sales to victims of this hurricane. Those donations will be made on behalf of both human and pet organizations that are involved in the rescue efforts.

The latest news on donations that have been made to date shows that some $761 million dollars has been raised on behalf of victims. However, that figure does not include the pet sector.

My Appeal to You

If there is anything that you feel you can do to assist in the pet rescue efforts, I would ask that you do so. Any donation, no matter how small can make a difference. It goes without saying that there are countless pets that are displaced or suffering in some other way as a result of this storm.

Put yourself in the shoes of those pet owners and it takes little more than that to motivate you. If your pet was lost or injured, you would feel their pain. There are many organizations working on behalf of these pets so the choice is yours.

Again, if there is anything you can provide by way of donations, please do so. It is going to be a long road to recovery. Hopefully, we can all contribute in some small way.

In advance, let me thank you. I know that you will do what you can.


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